It’s Friday, and what better way to get ready for the weekend than with the dream-like choral vocals of a Halo game’s menu music—and by the intense time-to-kick-ass crescendos that follow.

Polygon caught wind of a site that’s dedicated exclusively to Halo series menu music. Series fan Andreas Grenasberg of Norway created the site by looping the menus of each game, so you can listen to the full tracks on repeat as long as you like. The site covers the menus of all four of the numbered Halo titles, plus Halo: Reach and Halo: ODST, the games that didn’t star series protagonist Master Chief. Listen to it all right here.

This is a pretty great Halo music fix to psyche you up for the imminent release of Halo 5 later this month, and you don’t have to drag your Xbox 360 to work with you today to get it.