Losing a couple of limbs is surely devastating, but one Metal Gear Solid fan is making the best of the situation, thanks to the Alternative Limb Project and publisher Konami.

The UK-based Phantom Limb Project is a partnership working to get 25-year-old Metal Gear Solid V fan James Young a pair of special limbs in the style of game protagonist Venom Snake, after he lost an arm and a leg in a train accident. Young already has refused to let his accident stop him from enjoying his hobbies, including gaming, and now prosethectics artist Sophie De Oliviera Barata and a team of engineers are working with Konami to make his new, awesome-looking limbs a reality.

Barata started the Alternative Limb Project to make unique, custom and eye-catching limbs for people who need them: the goal is that “users could have a say in their prosthetic, creating limbs that people look at in amazement instead of looking away,” according to Konami’s press release. If Young’s prosthetic arm gets a rocket-powered flying fist like Snake’s, that’d be pretty damn eye-catching—but the limbs will certainly be cool even without Snake’s upgrades.

You can read more about the project on the Phantom Limb Project website, and on its new Twitter feed.