On May 30, ten tourists stripped naked on Malaysia’s Mount Kinabalu and posted these photos online. Six days later, a magnitude-5.9 earthquake shook the mountain, killing at least 18 climbers.

Coincidence? Not according to Malaysian politician Joseph Pairin Kitingan.

Kitingan, the Deputy Chief Minister of the state of Sabah, believes the quake was the result of “disrespect to the sacred mountain” on the part of the tourists, and he is considering a cleansing ritual to “appease the mountain spirit.” No word yet on whether or not the ritual will include the use of sheep bladders.

Kitingan’s comments would be laughable if not for the fact that four of the tourists involved in the photo have now been arrested. Two Canadian siblings and a Dutch male surrendered themselves to police, ABC News is reporting. A 23-year-old British woman named Eleanor Hawkins (pictured below) was also detained. The other six suspects are still at large. I’m happy to report that no Americans tourists were involved… this time.

It’s worth noting that many Malaysians consider the mountain to be sacred. After all, I’m sure if some tourists stripped naked at the National Cathedral, or another religious building here in the U.S., they would probably get arrested. That said, I doubt anyone would be accused of starting an earthquake.

(H/T: The Daily Star)

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