Back in the early 1990s, before Sony blasted console gaming records with the original Playstation, the company briefly partnered with Nintendo to create a video game monster of Frankensteinian proportions. It’s the stuff childhood legends were made of, and it turns out it’s real.

It’s the Nintendo Play Station, and if you’ve never heard of it, that’s because it basically doesn’t exist. As Polygon reports, only 200 of the prototype Sony-made machine were ever created, but somehow, one wound up in the hands of Dan Diebold, who posted pictures of the Bigfoot-like console on Reddit. We reached out to Sony and Nintendo to see if they’d confirm whether this thing is the real deal, but based on the reports it does seem legit.

The Nintendo Play Station is a disc-based console that also plays with Super Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges. But the partnership broke up and Sony wound up scrapping the Play Station and destroying most of the 200 prototypes, before it went on to create the Sony Playstation and smack around the console gaming competition for roughly the next decade.

Diebold told Polygon the console wound up in his hands thanks to a job his dad had at Advanta Corp., a company whose president happened to have been Olaf Olafson, the former head of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Apparently, Diebold’s father, Terry Diebold, had been ordered to throw out old boxes of junk when Advanta went belly-up in 2009, but upon discovering the console, he wound up keeping it.

Anybody planning on penning a Video Game Indiana Jones script based on the discovery of the console had better get cracking—Diebold said he and his father are considering selling it. Hopefully it doesn’t wind up in a big warehouse next to the Ark of the Covenant.