Remember that parody ad for male tampons that came out earlier this year? Apparently, some people took it way too seriously.

A survey conducted by found that 26 percent of British men believe they suffer from a monthly “man period” similar to what women experience during their menstrual cycle (tiredness, cramps, increased sensitivity, etc.).

Men identified several PMS-related symptoms as indicators of their ‘man periods’, from constant hunger to general irritability.

Increased cravings, tiredness and a “bloated” feeling were also reported, with 12 pc confessing that they were “more sensitive about personal weight”. 5pc of respondents even reported suffering from “menstrual cramps”.

A total of 1,206 men were polled in the survey, as were their female partners. Of the women who were dating men who claimed to suffer from manstration, 58 percent said they also felt the condition was real, with 43 percent saying they offered “support” to their men during this difficult… period.

When asked how they had done so, the most commonly cited ways were “try and cheer him up” (44 pc) and “walk around on egg shells” (39 pc). Of those who didn’t believe their partners, 33 pc admitted to telling their partner to “man up”.

Some researchers think the claims are not so far fetched. According to Dr. Jed Diamond, “men have a number of hormonal cycles and these affect their level of energy, anger, sex drive and irritability.” He refers to difficult periods of the male hormonal cycle as Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS).

But others are firmly in the “man up” camp.

“With women, it’s a fact of life that has to be dealt with,” wrote Dr. Gregory Jantz, adding that “[IMS] may be the most recent sticker slapped over the old mid-life crisis label.”

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