This is a total double standard. When this guy camps out at a grocery store for three days selling stuffed animals he is called a “hero” and a “model for the community.” When I do it, I’m accused of “needing a psychiatric evaluation” or “being a wayward vagabond.” He may have been doing it for charity, but just because I did it in my personal time doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have the right to do the same.

Anyway, a radio host based in Canada’s Yukon territory recently raised thousands by “squatting” in a local grocery store and selling stuffed animals. Bobby Ferris raised $11,035 for a local food bank and was very comfy while doing it. Clad in a slim blue-green onesie, the host slanged plush animals and kept his spirits up by befriending some grocery store employees.

Check out how it all happened below. If Bobby has inspired you, you can find your own local food bank here.