Thomas Cantley has a gigantic ball, and will travel.

The 31-year-old testicular cancer survivor is pushing a six-foot inflatable “testicle” the entire way across the country in an effort to raise awareness and support for men fighting testicular illnesses.

Cantley began his trek in California on September 4, and plans to end his journey this month when he reaches New York.

And along the way, he’d love to talk with you about his ball.

“I wanted to do sort of a social experiment,” Cantley told KSBW Action News 8. “I didn’t want to force myself on anyone, and what this does, it forces people to come to me, ask me, ‘What is this, what’s it about, it kind of looks like a testicle, what’s going on?’ It creates that conversation.”

Cantley says there’s a 96 percent survival rate if you catch testicular cancer early, so make sure you’re checking for lumps regularly, fellas.

You can support Cantley’s cause at