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Man Is Selling Elvis’ Pubic Hair for $5,000

Man Is Selling Elvis’ Pubic Hair for $5,000: mirror u.k.

mirror u.k.

An unnamed Ohio man claims he has a real pubic hair from The King that he’s been holding on to since 1965.

And he’s putting it on the market for $5,000.

How in the hell did some random Ohioan end up with one of Elvis’ pubes?

Well, according to his Craigslist post, via Uproxx, the man’s ex-wife plucked it from Elvis’ crotch back in ’65.

“All you Elvis collectors lookie here,” the post reads. “I have a real pubic hair from Elvis Presley plucked by my ex-wife Billie Jean Flurt from Elvis crotch in 1965. I hate to part with it. But it can be yours for Christmas for $5,000.00. Comes with letter of authenticity signed by Colonel Parker. I guarantee is real!”

What in the hell is a “Colonel Parker,” you ask? I had the same question. Turns out, this man is likely referring to Colonel Tom Parker, who served as Elvis’ manager. Something tells me the odds that Elvis’ manager signed a letter of authenticity for his client and friend’s plucked pube are pretty low, but I’m still going to try and buy this for my mom for Christmas.

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