When you have kids, you learn to make sacrifices. You spend less to save more, you work longer hours to make sure you’re providing, and when your son asks you if it’s possible to ride your jetski all the way down to Africa, you say sure. Or at least, that’s what Risto Piispa did.

Risto just spent the last 40 days trekking 1,910 miles, all the way from Helsinki to the Spanish city of Ceuta, which lies on the northern tip of the African coastline. While it’s certainly noble to think that he did it just to prove a point to his son, he also used the event as an opportunity to raise money for a children’s hospital in Helsinki.

Drawing on his own experience, Risto spoke about the brain tumor he was diagnosed with in 2008, and how the challenge inspired him to take the trip down to Ceuta.

“This changed my life… I was only 28 years old and doctors told me I might live another seven years.

I decided you should always try to fulfill your dreams because one day it might be too late.”

His legacy will live on in the Guinness World Record he set, as his trip crushed the previous record of 598 miles. Though he was being shadowed on line by an RV with supplies where he would stop to refuel and rest, he travelled the entire distance on his trusty Sea-Doo RXT 260.