New Yorker Daniel Perino had an everyday-schlub-turned-viral-sensation moment this week when local then national then international media started reporting on the poster he put up around New York City: a picture of himself, the words “looking for a girlfriend,” and some personal information. But apparently posters are the new Tinder: Perino told an Australian news site he’s gotten 118 hook-ups thanks to his new fame, so far.

The “actor and part-time web designer” has been on a bit of a publicity binge, and told Vice his selection of ladies is so quality that now he only dates models. “I like models a whole lot better than a cute, short blonde. I dunno, maybe I should put on the flyer that I’m only dating models now.”

Apparently those models can handle being with someone as famous as Perino.

“A lot of girls get nervous around me on a date because of the celebrity thing,“ he said. "They’re just scared, they’re not used to it I guess. I walk down the street and get stopped 10 or 15 times a day for my picture.”

Just wait until Perino finds out about Craigslist.