Freelance photographer Joel Goodman captured a wild scene on a Manchester street this New Year’s Eve. Upon finding it in a gallery by the Manchester Evening News, Roland Hughes, senior producer for BBC World News, posted the following tweet.

And then the world went insane.

The Renaissance comparison has been a popular one, and Goodman shared his thoughts about it with BuzzFeed News.

“It’s a lovely and flattering comparison, especially in the context of a category of photography that’s too often derided.“

He then expanded on the notion.

“There are street photographers who regularly make art of these sort of scenes. Why not? There are lots of different ways to photograph the same scene.”

By now, the fascinated crowd of loons that make up long stretches of the Internet have sharpened their attention to the drunk dude on the street, transforming him into a meme. It was inevitable.

The Internet is the craziest museum.