For decades, cheap pink “white” zinfandels dominated the American wine market, sadly sullying the reputation of rosé for most men. But with the top-quality versions available today, it’s becoming hard to find a bad bottle. Typically made from red grapes whose juices have been left in contact with the skins just long enough to tint the wine, rosé has enough backbone to justify drinking it beyond summer. (FYI: Hemingway dug the Spanish stuff.) Here are three bottles that just might have you calling it brosé.

Saved Rosé, 2013, $15
This delicious and dry California rosé comes from winemaker Clay Brock and tattoo artist Scott Campbell (Kanye and Robert Downey Jr. sport his ink). Campbell also designed the label.

Bastianich Rosato, 2012, $15
Restaurateur and MasterChef judge Joe Bastianich is the man behind this refreshing, food-friendly wine from Italy’s Friuli region. It has enough weight and tannin to appeal to red-wine drinkers.

Miraval Côtes de Provence Rosé, 2013, $23
Rosé from France’s Provence region is considered the benchmark in the category. Miraval’s crisp and seductively aromatic version is one of the best.