Though we are constantly divided by things like politics, geography and strong arguments over which member of One Direction is dreamiest, certain things about the human experience are universal. One of them, thanks to widespread internet access and the proliferation of streaming video worldwide, is now binge-watching. Binge-watching might be an American invention but wherever there’s a Netflix account, there’s someone to use it until their eyes bleed.

While appetite is universal, taste in shows is not. Different countries have different preferences, and the fine folks at High Speed Internet decided to find out exactly what those preferences were. Using data from Google Trends, they put together a list of most-watched Netflix shows in dozens of countries. The results are fascinating and more than a little surprising.

For example, you’d think we Americans would be more of a Gilmore Girls people, but nope. Apparently our top show at the moment is Shameless. Over in Russia, Arrow is the top show (which makes a little sense, as big chunks of flashbacks in that series take place there). A show about a pair of Russian spies, The Americans, is big in Norway. The most delightful result of this research, though, has to be the news that The Wonder Years is huge in Peru. Childhood crushes on Winnie Cooper persist across all cultures.

In the realm of Netflix originals, though Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black get all the buzz, Narcos seems to be top dog worldwide. The Pablo Escobar drama is the third most popular show in the world, captivating fans in Spain, Cyprus, Kuwait and more. The second most popular show in the world is Friends, and the only surprise about that is that it’s not number one. That honor goes to BBC drama Sherlock, which is the top show in places as diverse as Estonia, Armenia and Bangladesh. More proof that we will all one day kneel before Benedict Cumberbatch after Tumblr proclaims him our God-Emperor.

Check out the full map here and head over to HSI for a country-by-country list.