Photo by [ricky montalvo/Flickr](

Photo by ricky montalvo/Flickr

One of the trickiest parts of planning a vacation is deciding exactly when you should book a ticket to your dream destination based on the weather. It would be nice to rely solely on your friends’ testimonials, as well as the insight from Internet randos—“Oh, Costa Rica is great that time of year!”—but your friends and Internet randos only know so much. And that’s why you ended up in the Bahamas during hurricane season last year.

Fortunately, Ryan Whitaker is smarter than your friends and Internet randos. He’s the genius behind this interactive map that tells you the absolute best time to visit any country in the world. Simply enter your desired week to see where the weather is good, and input your ideal minimum, maximum and average temperature to find your perfect match.

Whitaker, a self-proclaimed “digital nomad” (that one’s going on my business card), downloaded a decade’s worth of weather information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration from up t0 12,000 weather stations around the world. He was then able to display average temperatures and precipitation for any given area by week.

Have fun planning and playing around with the map here, and make sure to bring back a bottle of something nice for Whitaker after you spend a week in the sun without getting a drop of rain.