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Exit Clear

Margot Robbie Gave Tattoos to the ‘Suicide Squad’ Crew and Misspelled Her First Attempt

Margot Robbie can get away with anything in my book. When everyone blew up the internet with furious fanboy rants about Suicide Squad’s initial casting, I immediately decided I’d go to war for Robbie as Harley Quinn if I had to. Whether it meant skipping family holidays with opinionated cousins and possibly dismantling a boys’ night out if any of them were more of the DC variety than Marvel.

Now, it turns out “le superbabe” (my French is rusty) is so cool that she can give people tattoos. But last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Robbie told the story of how on her first attempt to give the Suicide Squad cast and crew the matching tat of the purposefully screwy word “SKWAD,” she misspelled it as “SWAD” (on the arm of a cast assistant). I still say, whatever, she gets a pass. Hell, she could give me a neck tattoo in Olde English that actually reads “Olde English” (while I somehow slept through it), and I’d be fine with it, as the more important part of the story is that Margot Robbie touched me.

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