Typically, when you hear “Margot Robbie’s new role,” that’s a wonderful thing. You probably remember her as Naomi Lapaglia from The Wolf Of Wall Street

Or, if you’re one of the 1,300 people who saw Suicide Squad, you might know her as Harley Quinn.

Now, Robbie is taking on one of her most challenging roles yet: Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, then you’ve at least heard of the figure skater who hired a goon to take out another figure skater and got caught, right? Yep, that’s Tonya Harding.

For the role, Margot had to fill out a little bit, and the early ‘90s attire is anything but flattering. She’s been photographed on set rocking some totally far-out hairstyles and bodacious mom jeans. The film has yet to get a release date but is due out in 2018.