Margot Robbie is so beautiful, it’s almost like she’s a different species. It’s like in the Wonder Woman comics when people found a bunch of super-powered women living in the wilderness. Except instead of superpowers, Margot Robbie’s just impossibly attractive. And instead of the wilderness, she’s from Australia.

So it’s pretty fair to say that you’ll probably never get the opportunity to be with Margot Robbie in an intimate setting. So a recent video Margot Robbie made with Vogue describing her beauty routine is probably the closest you’ll ever be to seeing her in the shower.

The video itself is actually a parody of the opening of American Psycho, the cult horror movie starring Christian Bale. Normally we would just start the video at the timestamp where you can see Margot in the shower, but since this parody is done so well we’ll just link to the whole thing. If you just want to see the shower part, fast forward to the 1:05 mark.

Clearly this is fake. Everyone knows Margot Robbie just rolls out of bed looking like an angel every morning.

WTF! Press starts today @paramountpics #whiskeytangofoxtrot

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Pimms in the park 🇬🇧

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Last night was too much fun

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