First, we found out that Hilary Duff was on Tinder. Following her split with her husband, the singer used her newfound obsession with the dating app as a way to promote her new music. Somehow, that worked. Well, it’s happening again. Only, it’s all around a bit older. Rather than Hilary Duff on Tinder, we now have Mariah Carey on

Following her split with hubby Nick Cannon, Mimi took to the web to find her next guy. Her decision wasn’t based solely on a quest for love, though. It’s actually more of a collaboration for the dating site. Mimi’s newest music video, for the song “Infinity”, is essentially one big, weird ad for the dating service.

The promo doesn’t end at the music video, though. She’s actually got a profile on the site as well.

I wonder if she’s actually talking to any guys or going on any dates, or if this is just one big publicity stunt. Either way, it’s nice to see Mariah Carey moving on and getting back to what she does best… no, not singing… getting attention.