In a move that will surely leave hipsters kicking themselves as much as their tight jeans will allow for not thinking of it first, goth rock king Marilyn Manson released his latest album, The Pale Emperor, on Playstation 1 discs.

Though the polycarbonate discs are more durable and harder to pirate, apparently the choice to use them was purely aesthetic.

The album’s art directors, Hassan Rahim and Willo Perron, didn’t just want a disc that looked like the iconic black Playstation 1 discs, they wanted the real thing. The two, along with a producer went straight to Sony to source the discs from the same plant that manufactured the original PS1 discs.

Here’s what Hassam told Kill Screen about the album’s look:

“When you open the CD it’s pitch black, but we also added a thermal texture on top—after it gets hot during playback, the disc comes out all white,” Rahim revealed. As the disc cools down the black returns, appearing to consume the hot white layer and turning it into a wisp that fades over time.

Kill Screen

Kill Screen

Black and white, good and evil. Get it? Sure, it’s not very subtle, but neither is taking your name from Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson (there’s that good and evil again). Subtleties aside, it’s a fucking cool idea and the album itself sounds pretty damn good.