Beloved bro-billionaire Mark Cuban believes firmly in the power of sports as one of the best forms of entertainment, so it ought to come as no suprise that Cuban is a big fan of E-sports, even going so far as to call out Colin Cowherd on his dismissal of the burgeoning E-sports phenomenon.

“I love Colin, but he’s an idiot. I’m a noob. I’m still getting into it, but I love it. It’s like playing five-dimensional chess against the world. It’s one of the smartest games I’ve ever played. You’ve got to have dexterity, and you’ve got to be quick. This is a real sport, and people are going to figure it out really, really quick.”

Of course, that’s not all Cuban had to say. In the above video from Intel’s Extreme Masters League of Legends showdown, Cuban dropped an f-bomb when discussing the opposing team led by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, leading to a $15,000 fine.

Such an amount is peanuts for a man believed to be worth about three billion dollars, so when Cuban learned that the fine would be going to charity he let another profanity rip so that he could drop an even 30K off to a good cause.

If you’re an E-Sports fan, you can watch the actual showdown below: