Adam Scott did not just play a huge nerd on TV. Adam Scott is the real deal and we’ve got video evidence to prove it.

Kristen Bell was guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night while Kimmel spends time with his family following his newborn son’s heart surgery. She decided to stage a little surprise for her old Party Down and Parks and Rec pal. Since Thursday was Star Wars Day,” Bell decided to ask Scott about a story he’d told during a previous Kimmel interview about his lifelong love for Luke Skywalker hmself, Mark Hamill. Apparently Scott once sent Hamill a letter inviting him to his second birthday party. Who among us hasn’t done that?

It would’ve been a perfectly amusing segment if all we’d heard was Scott’s story about how certain he was that Hamill would show up if his schedule permitted. Then the Star Wars fanfare hit.

Watch as 44-year-old Adam Scott reverts to a toddler-like state before your very eyes.

It’s easy to talk about the power of Star Wars and the allure of Luke Skywalker when you see actual children freaking out about it. But there is no greater proof of Mark Hamill’s cultural impact than this face:


Somehow, that moment managed to top the time Scott’s Parks and Rec character openly wept while buying himself a Batman suit.