Donald Trump is a lot like the Joker when you think about it (except for their preferred colors of face paint). Both speak in utterly bizarre fashions, cause anarchy with no regard for others and wear really kitschy suits.

Apparently even the (animated) Joker believes that there is a striking similarity. Mark Hamill, who’s been voicing the Joker since 1993, has begun to satirize Trump’s Twitter account.

On Saturday, Hamill tweeted that, with his daughters’ assistance, he would read some Trump tweets in the Joker’s voice. On Saturday, Hammill posted the first Joker-Trump-tweet reading.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so possible that Trump could help write Joker’s dialogue. The reading of The New Year’s tweet in Joker’s voice not only sounds unsettling; it is unsettling because the Joker would say something like this.

Where the hell is a real life Batman when you need him? Elon Musk, it’s time to realize your potential and be the real-life Bruce Wayne you could have always been.

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