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How Long Do Marriages Last in Different Countries?

How Long Do Marriages Last in Different Countries?:

While mason jars, photo booths and the great outdoors may have become popular trends for all things wedding, divorce has more or less become a popular trend for marriage. Divorce rates have skyrocketed in the last few decades, but not all cultures are the same when it comes to the institution of visiting in-laws and debating finances.

Intrigued by what marriage and divorce figures might look like country to country, Hopes & Fears collected data from 10 cities around the world and ranked them.

So, here now are the average lengths of marriage for each city, along with the national divorce rate (NDR) for each country. You’ll be surprised to see what city is No 1.

10. Rome, Italy 18 years • NDR: 30.7%

9. Ottawa, Canada 13.8 years • NDR: 48%

8. Paris, France 13 years • NDR: 55%

7. New York City, United States 12.2 years • NDR: 41%

6. Sydney, Australia 12 years • NDR: 43%

5. Mexico City, Mexico 12 years • NDR: 15%

4. Tokyo, Japan 11 years • NDR: 36%

3. London, England 11 years • NDR: 42%

2. Cape Town, South Africa 11 years • NDR: 31.2%

1. Doha, Qatar 5.5 years • NDR: 38%

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