Certain companies have the ability to embody a category so fully that the product and brand become almost inseparable. Think Kleenex with tissues or Band-Aid with adhesive bandages. While Martin Guitar hasn’t quite reached the point where all acoustic guitars are habitually referred to as “Martins,” the Pennsylvania company’s instruments are, consciously or not, what people picture in their mind when they think about acoustic guitars. Part of that is the impressive roster of Martin aficianados, ranging from David Crosby to Father John Misty to Chris Cornell to Ed Sheeran. Part of it is that Martin has made a lot of guitars since the company started in 1833; and to celebrate their two millionth guitar, Martin went all out.

After discovering that there was a considerable overlap between collectors of Martin guitars and collectors of fine watches, Martin partnered with another Pennyslvania company, RGM watches, to create a one-of-a-kind watch-themed guitar. Named the Two Millionth, the guitar is based on Martin’s D-65 body and features exquisite horological-inspired details throughout, the most spectacular of which is the completely functioning watch embedded in the headstock.



Aside from being a feat of engineering, the Two Millionth is impressive to look at. The back and sides are made from Brazilian rosewood, while the top comes from bearclaw Engelmann spruce wood. There are numerous wheels, gears, and markers familiar to watch fans spread across the body, including a faux moonphase indicator. And the design of the watch on the body is reflected on the actual timepiece built into the headstock, whose winding crown has a similar aesthetic to the guitars tuning knobs.

The Two Millionth will not be available to purchase, but Martin did create a less intricate version, called the D-200 Deluxe that retains some of the watch details and also comes with an RGM watch that can be worn on the wrist.

To see more about how Martin created the Two Millionth, check out the video below:

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