It’s weird that we haven’t had an Avengers video game yet, right? The Marvel Cinematic Universe is this massive, Disney-fed blockbuster behemoth that sells tickets to all ages worldwide, and the success of the films has spawned everything from toys to clothes to cosmetics (seriously, there’s a Hulk cologne), so you’d think someone in a board room somewhere would’ve flat out ordered a console tie-in by now. We got close in 2012, with a brawler set to tie in to the release of the first Avengers film. That was ultimately canceled, though, and since then Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have pretty much stuck to mobile gaming. Now, Marvel has finally come to its senses.

This morning the company announced a “multi-game” partnersip with video game giant Square Enix and launched a trailer for something referred to only as “The Avengers project.” The footage presents images of the Avengers in serious distress and ends with the hashtag #ReAssemble, but those are basically the only plot clues we have at this point. The game is being developd by Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider) and Eidos Montreal (Deux Ex: Human Revolution), though, so we know it’ll be pretty. We also know that we shouldn’t expect many more details until 2018, so you’ll just have to replay Skyrim or something whie you wait.