For all their success with heroes ranging from Iron Man to Doctor Strange, Marvel Studios has yet to tackle teens. They’ll get close this year with Spider-Man: Homecoming but that’s a Sony flick with a Marvel assist. Marvel’s other major home for teen comic heroes – the X-Men – is headquarted over at Fox. That means Marvel’s largely stuck to adult heroes on the big screen. Now, they’re taking a stab at going younger on the small screen.

Cloak & Dagger is a Freeform drama about two kids linked by their abilities. The show has all the hallmarks of a modern teen angst TV addiction but with superpowers. The title characters first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1982 and they seem tailor-made for a Freeform joint. Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) is a troubled kid who can envelop himself and other people in darkness and use it to teleport, hence the name “Cloak.” Tandy (Olivia Holt) is a troubled kid who can manifest daggers of light, hence the name “Dagger.” They’re bound together by a chance encounter they had as children. When they reconnect as teens, a romance forms, strengthened by the shared bond of having special abilities. Together, they’ll navigate a complicated world with a little help from their superpowers.

The trailer, as you’ll see above, has everything you could want in a Freeform show – romance, basketball fights, teens in over their heads and lots of crying – all wrapped up in potent superhero metaphors. Teen superheroes work great becaue when you’re a teen, everything feels high stakes. When you’re a teen who can save the world with your powers, everything literally has high stakes. That kind of storytelling feels like it will fit alongside the elegant melodrama of Freeform but with a comic book backbone that could make the show a hit beyond the target demographic.

Cloak & Dagger arrives next year.