Apparently it’s “Mario Day,” that is, it’s March 10, and if you change the five-letter word “March” to the three-letter abbreviation “Mar.” and put the 10 after it, it kinda looks like it says “Mario.”

It’s certainly no dumber tha Star Wars fans saying “May the Fourth be with you,” though, and Nintendo has capitalized on this fortuitous date abbreviation by creating a goofy in-office celebration video.

Nintendo as a company is king of the winking dad joke videos, and the Mario Day one is no exception. Beautifully zero-budget and low-fi, it features a mascot Mario brightening up office life in a way that absolutely no one in that office actually notices. It’s great.

But nothing will ever top this video from last year’s E3, when Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime did a Rocky-style video game training montage.