A blockbuster trailer with the right music, the right epic moments, and the right jokes at the right time can be a ton of fun. Sure, they’re just glorified commercials, but the good ones can get you even more pumped for the movie you’re sitting in the theater waiting for, and the best ones can seem like a work of art unto themselves.

That doesn’t mean they’re without predictability, though. In fact, as this video from Red Letter Media (the guys who so expertly eviscerated the Star Wars prequels) proves, blockbuster trailers are often flat-out clones of each other.

It’s all right there, from The Avengers to Transformers: Dark of the Moon to Star Trek Into Darkness. You’ve got your foreboding cityscapes, your cryptic lines from villains, your action montages, your cut to silence, and of course the funny tag after the title is revealed. There’s even mention of the sound that’s become the universal symbol of blockbuster chaos: “BWAAAAAAM!

The video is a very clever, insightful look at the common tropes in blockbuster marketing, and I for one vow to never again let a movie trailer sway me emotionally, because I know all the tricks…

Just kidding. Imma go watch all the Mad Max: Fury Road trailers back-to-back now, because they’re amaaaazing.