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Massive Wolf Spider Stalks Girl in Her Bathrooom

Massive Wolf Spider Stalks Girl in Her Bathrooom:

A couple months ago, 21-year old Natalie Woods had an unexpected guest in her shower: a giant, fast-moving wolf spider.

The childcare worker was then stalked in her home by the eight-legged creeper, who took up residence in the bathroom. In the time since, the arachnid has grown to be quite large.

Allegedly, wolf spiders are not known to attack humans–but a defensive bite from one of them is venomous and would cause swelling. Fun fact about wolf spiders: they don’t catch prey in the traditional way. Instead of spinning webs, they hunt and chase down their food. That means Natalie’s new roommate can cover more than two feet per second.

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While experts have assured Natalie that the spider is not dangerous, we still wouldn’t want to have to contend with that thing while we’re brushing our teeth.

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