Things are getting dire in Halo 5. We already know that much of the game is not about longstanding series protagonist Master Chief, but about a team of new supersoldiers who are actually trying to find him. And now we get a bombshell in this latest Halo 5 live-action trailer: the Master Chief is dead. Or maybe make that “dead.”

The trailer seems to be part of a bigger campaign for Halo 5 that hints at where its story might be going. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer retweeted this big Halo ad today which includes the tagline “Heroes Never Die,” and given the jingoistic rallying cry of a eulogy during the trailer, there might be a bit of a weird propaganda angle to Halo 5 and the assumption or lie that Master Chief has been killed.

Close followers of Halo backstory in things like past games and prequel novels know that the government entities of the series’ futuristic human civilization aren’t always composed of the most trustworthy of folks. Hell, the SPARTAN supersoldier program that produced the Master Chief is built on kidnapping children, after all. It’s likely the death of Master Chief has been greatly exaggerated, but an interesting question Halo 5 might look to answer is: why?