Anyone who uses mass transit to get to work is familiar with the usual suspects that people put inside and over their ears to tune out the 35-year-old man selling candy for his “youth basketball team.” There are plenty of the stock white Apple earbuds, a bunch of Beats, and a smattering of also-rans. Enter into that equation the Master & Dynamic MH40 headphones.

These are the most exquisite headphones I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Whether you are an audiophile or a design snob or a general appreciator of cool stuff, you’ll find something to like here. Heavy grain premium cowhide leather is used on the headband. The ear pads are constructed from comfortable memory foam which is then wrapped in buttery lambskin. The 45mm high-performance neodymium drivers pack plenty of punch and deliver a clean sound. Even if you were listening to Nickelback, you’d still look cool in these.

The Master & Dynamic MH40 headphones cost $399 and are available at

h/t Wired

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