Dr. Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley are the kind of guys that make me feel guilty for being so disrespectful to mathematics. The University of Liverpool team dedicated their vast knowledge to give the people what they want—rad ways to cut pizzas in order to blow minds at parties.

Their work isn’t totally surprising, as math and pizza have been a delicacy of sorts for years. Not only has the “pizza theorem” long existed, but scientists have played with the geometry of pizza before. Maybe you’ve seen these cuts previously—known as monohedral disc tiling—featuring the cheesy magnificence of equal portions.

But Haddley and Worsley got buckwild. They went all rogue with the game, cutting up greasy snowflakes that are poetry for your mouth.

“Mathematically, there is no limit whatsoever,” says Haddley, though he admits that the realm of beyond 9-gons might be a bit too impractical. Still, cut up a pizza like this, you can live forever (in infamy).

[H/T New Scientists]