Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass are in talks with Universal Pictures — and, presumably, each other — to re-team for their third Bourne film. (The first installment was directed by Doug Liman. The fourth featured actor Jeremy Renner as a different character and was helmed by Tony Gilroy.)

So far, the film franchise has followed the series of books by Robert Ludlum and later by Eric Van Lustbader precisely — in title, at least. The next in line would be The Bourne Betrayal, as penned by Van Lustbader in 2007. But, as Deadline reports, while a Damon/Greengrass effort will likely delay any subsequent Bourne film starring Renner, it may not derail it entirely.

So, there is a possibility that the series could fork in two directions, meaning an entirely new, as-yet-unimagined storyline and set of cool-sounding titles for Damon’s original Bourne. One of my favorite rappers, Aesop Rock, has already kicked off the speculation.

I have a few suggestions of my own:

The Bourne Celibacy

Jason Bourne decides romantic entanglements aren’t worth the trouble and decides to go it alone – for real, this time.

The Bourne Leader

Jason watches Grosse Pointe Blank, concedes that Dan Akroyd’s character had some valid points, and puts together a consortium of his deadly asset buddies to corner the black ops market.

The Bourne Age of Extinction

Jason somehow uses krav maga to make us all collectively forget that last Transformers movie.

The Bourne Library

Do you remember in The Bourne Ultimatum when Jason beat that dude’s ass with a book? Imagine what he could do with more reading material.

The Bourne Dance

Everyone’s got one. Maybe co-star Julia Stiles can brush off her Save The Last Dance moves and finally become Jason Bourne’s secret weapon.

The Bourne Galleys

Our hero tries to retire and write his memoir. When a shadow organization of evil editors rejects it, Jason goes in search of a ghost writer named Ludlum to help him punch up the manuscript. Alternative title: Bourne Meta