There was the Oscar win for Dallas Buyers Club. The impressive turn in True Detective that had every actor in Hollywood leaking rumors that he was up to star in season 2. But if you still needed proof that we are in the midst of a full blown McConnaisaince, there’s this. Matthew McCongaughey made the rounds at the Austin City Limits festival in a T-shirt bearing a quote FROM HIS OWN MOVIE!!!

McConaughey showed up at ACL sporting a shirt that read “I get older, they stay the same age,” the line that his character Wooderson uttered in the 1993 classic Dazed and Confused.

I am generally opposed to the wearing of T-shirts from movies or TV shows. At best, all it does is say, “Hey, I watched this movie. Did you see this movie? If so, then you’ll recognize this shirt and perhaps hold me in the same positive regard that you do the film.” Most of the time, though, an observer simply thinks, “What a tool.”

But McConaughey’s case is so brazenly self-reverential that you have to at least admire his chutzpah. Not only did McConaughey wear a shirt with his own quote on it—in Texas, where Dazed and Confused took place, no less—he actually produces and sells the product.

The T-shirt is part of McConaughey’s Just Keep Livin clothing line. On the brand’s website, JKL describes its design philosophy in this way:

JKL isn’t just about the clothes on your back. It’s about what’s in your head, what’s in your heart, and the things that get you out of bed every day. The rugged and masculine collection is crafted to accompany customers on their own journeys, leading by example. From graphic tees that feature fun and witty truism’s straight from Matthew’s mouth, to chic sweaters and knits, Just Keep Livin has something for just about any man, on any journey.

It’s unclear what journey one would need to be on to require a “Be a lot cooler if you did” T-shirt. Most likely it’s one requiring copious amounts of weed, and even more Pepperidge Farm cookies.

Just Keep Livin

Just Keep Livin

This could just be the tip of the iceberg in terms of possible brand extensions for McConaughey. As more high quality roles come his way, so do the opportunities for more swag. There could be a bobblearm doll that does his humming routine from Wolf of Wall Street. Then McConaughey wouldn’t have to show up in person at University of Texas football practice for pep talks. And who wouldn’t want to decorate their home with beer can figurines like the ones Rust Cohle shapes in True Detective?

Just Keep Livin

Just Keep Livin

Hopefully, the McConnaisaince goes on for a little bit longer so we get to see some of these ideas come to life.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.