You’ve seen ‘em, by now, the ads that Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey shot for Lincoln, which finds him just spouting shit while behind the wheel of a Lincoln, because Lincoln. You haven’t? Well, here’s one.

Now that we’re on the downhill side of the McConaugaissance — which began in earnest with 2012’s Magic Mike, rode on through 2013’s Dallas Buyers Club and The Wolf of Wall Street, and went nuclear with this year’s True Detective — it is entirely possible that we might need a break from the rugged Texan. Let the heat dissipate so we can get excited all over again when he and Christopher Nolan unleash Interstellar in November.

But, no. Instead, we get McConaughey talking to himself for money.

You’d have thought that someone involved would’ve said, “This is all great, but let’s make sure that they don’t feel as ponderously pompous as those Brad Pitt-Chanel ads.”


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