Alternative facts are all the rage now. In the aftermath of Trump’s inauguration, advisor Kellyanne Conway tried to get the lying liberal media to stop attacking Sean Spicer’s statements of it being “the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration.” The facts didn’t back his claim; Spicer was just presenting the “alternative facts,” Conway informed the American public. But why does the fun have to stop there?

Enter Mature Trump, a Twitter account that gives Trump’s normally impulsive, petty tweets an alternative-fact shine. It’s like a bizarro version of Key and Peele’s Obama anger interpreter, but rather than revealing Obama’s hidden anger, it gives us a glimpse of Trump’s Twitter feed that answers the question: What if we elected a president who wasn’t a thin-skinned narcissist, but was still obsessed with Twitter?

Mature Trump started shortly after Trump’s victory last November. It seems even more relevant now that he’s been sworn in and we have to face the fact that it wasn’t just one big collective nightmare. We may not have the President these fragile times call for, but at least we can play make believe.

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