Hey, remember yesterday when the new teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens landed online and we all got unexpectedly emotional? Oh come on, don’t try to walk it back. You know you did. It might not have happened when you saw the beautiful desert vistas or heard the dramatic voiceover, and it might not have even happened when the classic music swelled, but by the time Han Solo and Chewie were onscreen, you were a weepy mess and you know it.

Icelandic filmmaker Oskar Arnarson knows it, too, which is why he put together the above video. Now, if you saw Interstellar, you know that what Matthew McConaughey is really looking at on that video screen are years worth of messages from his family back on Earth, hence the weeping. But sub in The Force Awakens footage at exactly the right time, and it just looks like a grown man sobbing uncontrollably because his intergalactic hero is back. Which, let’s be honest, is just as realistic as anything in Interstellar.

Check out the clip. It’ll make you laugh uncontrollably the way only the most honest jokes do, but be warned: It’ll also make you want to watch that Star Wars trailer again.