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How to Buy McDonald’s Big Mac Special Sauce

How to Buy McDonald’s Big Mac Special Sauce: eBay


Make everything in your fridge taste like a Big Mac with McDonald’s limited-edition bottled Special Sauce.

The company is auctioning off 200, 16-ounce bottles of the tangy sauce on eBay, and bids have already reached more than $18,000 per bottle. Unfortunately only Australians can bid on it. Winners receive one bottle of sauce, a wooden box branded with the Golden Arches, and a cooler. As a bonus for the Bruces, McDonald’s will sell 1-ounce tubes of Special Sauce in its Australian stores until they sell out. All proceeds from the sales will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Not in Australia? You could use that $18K to just buy like 4,000 Big Macs and scrape the sauce into some spare bottles. Or make the mayo-relish-mustard sauce at home with this recipe from McDonald’s Executive Chef Dan Coudreaut:

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