For much of its history, McDonald’s has done well competing with other fast food chains like Burger King and Wendy’s in the Battle to Raise My Cholesterol, but the food world is changing, and McDonald’s has new rivals. “Gourmet” burger chains like Shake Shack are rising, with an emphasis on freshness and attention to detail, and that means more and more customers are putting down their Big Macs and opting for a slightly slower version of fast food.

So, how does the world’s largest burger chain plan to combat this? By emulating the “Gourmet” stylings of their up-and-coming rivals. The Guardian reports that McDonald’s is preparing to launch the “Signature Collection,” a new line of burgers featuring fresh ingredients, brioche buns, and the thickest patties the restaurant has ever offered, at 28 restaurants in the UK. The burgers will cost a bit more than seven U.S. dollars, and if all goes well they’ll be in 400 restaurants by the summer.

Because the burgers are thicker, and because McDonald’s is trying out actual table service in the U.K., the burgers won’t arrive quite as fast, but according to the chain’s representatives, that’s because customers have decided they want McDonald’s to be more like its younger competitors.

“When the chef council started to develop this new premium offering, we worked with a brief generated by our customers – they told us they wanted thicker beef patties and high quality ingredients, freshly prepared,“ said Duncan Cruttenden, food development director.

“We’ve crafted a range that is a truly exciting permanent addition to our menu – every product has to earn a place and our customers have told us the signature collection has done just that.”

So, if you’re one of those people who’s obsessed with kale and almond milk but still wants to shove a burger in your face every now and then, McDonald’s would like to speak with you.