It happens to the best of us. You’re on your way to some health-nut place called Epic Kale or Saladdin and the Quinoa Thieves and somehow you’re suddenly inside a McDonald’s. You (foolishly) think, “I’ll just get something healthy while I’m here, I guess,” forgetting that even the salads at McDonald’s are likely considered desserts by the FDA.

It’s a classic mishap. We’ve all been there.

But now McDonald’s is trying to correct that by serving its first organic burger. Or it’s at least trying it out at select eateries in Germany from October 1 to November 18. If successful, the organic burger could become a widespread item throughout the chain and eating healthy at McDoanld’s will be a slightly less insane idea (though still as minimally health-conscious as smoking one less cigarette a week).

The organic burger, called “The McB,” contains (more detailed) ingredients you never thought you’d see on the red and yellow palace’s menu: organic beef, Edam cheese, Lollo Bionda lettuce, sunflower-seed buns. These all used to be known as beef, cheese, lettuce, buns. Before, it was simplistic truths that kind of left out a whole lot. Now, it’s making the slow move toward that epic speech waiters give you about the specials.

McDonald’s has seen its fast food competitors promise healthier fare and see a strong return, with millennials especially being largely unimpressed with the company. Who knows what this could lead to, though, if a smashing success in Europe? Brussel sprouts (slathered in honey mustard), beet salad (that’s more bacon than anything else), or sweet potato fries (covered in blue cheese and toys)? The possibilities are endless!