Have you ever wished that you could just dump your stuff in a rolling robot that would follow you around as you go about your day, like an electronic sherpa that needs nothing other than a little electricity bump every few hours?

If so, you’ll want Gita, a “smart vehicle” that’s basically two wheels with some storage space and a giant digital brain. Drop your things in Gita, like groceries or general luggage, head out the door, and Gita uses GPS and 3D mapping data to not only follow you but also navigate around obstacles, freeing you to move around as you please.

Gita is made by Piaggio, the same people who have been making Vespa scooters since 1946. It came out of a think tank within the company that was charged with making the “Vespa of the 21st century.” While they could have made a completely autonomous robot to carry your things around, they instead chose to create one that follows its masters as a way to make it seem less threatening. Imagine a future in which these kinds of robots are commonplace on sidewalks, and one can understand that it’d be a lot less scary if you knew who they all belonged to (and who could snatch it if it’s not following you close behind).

It can carry up to 40 pounds for an estimated eight hours, and because of its two-wheeled cylinder design, it has a turning radius of virtually zero. In short, it can pretty much go anywhere a wheelchair can go.

As for Gita’s practical applications other than just carry around a lazy person’s stuff, the robot’s inventors are quick to point out it could be great for disabled and elderly people, shopping, carrying groceries home and even for mail carriers. Cheers to the future.