You’re the commander of a human-only military force that uses superior tactics to defeat a coalition of aliens and take over a planet. Under different circumstances, being XCOM 2’s Commander could sound a lot like being Darth Vader—and now you can have the faceless army of fiercely loyal Stormtroopers to match the vibe.

Thanks to the work of modder Platoon (check it out here), you can now deck out your fearless alien-stomping XCOM 2 troops in Stormtrooper helmets of a variety of types, including the classic Original Trilogy look, the Republic trooper variety from the Prequels, or those of the First Order from The Force Awakens. There’s even a Mandalorian variety, in case you want to have an army of Boba Fett look-alikes who are all more badass than the guy who accidentally got knocked into an immobile monster’s huge mouth by a blind guy.

Just remember that while it seems like a good idea to have an army of fearless plastic-helmeted shocktroopers now, the Chancellor probably isn’t planning to give up his emergency powers and he might be a Sith Lord. Hide the younglings.

Via PC Gamer.