I would love to be a pro athlete. I would love to make pro athlete-type money. I would love to be in the top physical shape that a pro athlete is in. However, “Ronda Rousey’s Next Opponent” is not a title that I’m at all envious of. That happens to be the title of the beautiful Holly Holm.

Holly is a 34-year old MMA fighter from New Mexico. She has a professional boxing record of 33-2-3, a professional kickboxing record of 2-1, and her MMA record sits at 9-0. That’s not too shabby. Holly’s clearly been kicking ass for a while now, and her next bout will be her biggest test yet. Many people are quick to dismiss her as just another name on the incredible Ronda Rousey’s list… but she just may surprise a lot of people.

Win or lose, she’ll still be gorgeous. Their big match takes place on November 15th at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.

Between my @cavemancoffeeco and my new shoes….. I’m super ready to go train today. @kylenoke

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I’m excited to be paired up with @intelpharma !!!!!

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