If, as many believe, the incoming Trump administration uses distraction techniques to stop people paying attention to potential scandals, ethical lapses and general trouble in its own backyard, then you’d expect something impressively distracting to divert coverage of the triple whammy that the CIA believes that Russian hackers influenced the election, Trump’s business dealings are already an impeachable offense and his potential Secretary of State is a close friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In obviously unrelated news, Kanye West had a meeting with Donald Trump this morning.

The 15-minute meeting came at West’s request, according to Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks, although the topics under discussion weren’t disclosed. (Sources close to Kanye are saying that the rapper wanted to discuss becoming “an ambassador of sorts.”) Instead, the press at Trump Tower were treated to an impressively awkward post-meeting photo op, where Trump called West “a good man,” and revealed that the two have been “friends for a long time.”

West, however, avoided questions about whether he’d perform at Trump’s inauguration, saying “I just want to take a picture right now.” He also declined to answer a question about whether or not he wished he had voted for the Apprentice host, a reference to a November concert in California where the rapper told his audience, “I told y’all I didn’t vote … but if I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted on Trump.”

The meeting between the two ended with Trump telling West in earshot of the press, "You take care of yourself. I’ll see you soon.” A sign that West will play some kind of role in the incoming administration? A hint that West has replaced Jay Z with a different billionaire best friend? A tease for an upcoming buddy comedy like the world has never seen?

As Trump himself is so fond of tweeting, stay tuned.

This just in: TMZ is running photos from Trump’s inner sanctum. In addition to depicting West flanked by the President-Elect and his wife Melania, the photos suggest that Trump harbors fond memories of the time he appeared on the cover of our magazine. Read his Playboy Interview from that March 1990 issue here.]