A new survey of 1,200 men has determined 35 is the age men feel their loneliest. What’s worse, 35 percent say being lonely made them feel depressed and almost 40 percent feel “isolated.” Nine percent of men who are single by 35 said they don’t see anyone regularly.

The study was released as part of Spotlight on Men month, which was launched by the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness. Their reasons for loneliness were more or less expected. They range from unemployment, break-ups, bereavement, or moving away.

It’s estimated that by 2030, 1.5 million men in England and Wales will live alone. Experts also not that men are less likely to socialize than women and meet people through activities, which in turn makes men likelier to experience the emotion.

Since most divorces occur around age 30, this result makes sense. An article in the New York Times reported that good male friendships increase a man’s life expectancy by 22 percent. The same article suggests that most men consider their spouse their best friend, but women tend to host a bevvy of besties in addition to their relationship.

A YouGov poll carried out by The Movember Foundation found that 12 percent of men over 18 don’t have a close friend they could discuss a serious life problem with. 1.2 million men “have close to no friends.” More than one in four men touch base with their buddies less than once a month and nine percent can’t even remember the last time they spoke with a pal.

So keep in touch with your buds. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been. If they’re good dudes, things will seem like no time has passed at all. Grab some bevvies and gab like the gals do cosmos in Sex and the City.