Would you go back in time and kill Hitler to prevent WWII? If you’re a man, science says you might. If you’re a woman, you may leave history as it is.

In a recent study published in The Society of Personality and Social Psychology, researchers from the U.S., Canada, and Germany asked 6,100 men and women a series of questions based on hypothetical moral situations (including killing Hitler), and it turns out that women are less inclined to gut-reaction violence.

The findings suggest that women have a stronger emotional aversion to causing harm than men. However, men and women engage in similar levels of rational thinking about the outcomes of harmful action. The findings are in line with previous research showing that women are more empathetic to the feelings of other people than men, whereas gender differences in cognitive abilities tend to be small or nonexistent

Proving once again that women are better than us in just about every way … except when it comes to farting and killing Hitler.

Whatever the case, Hitler is clearly not happy about this news at all: