Guys, we really need to get our shit together. Not only have straight men recenlty been exposed as the worst orgasm providers on the planet, but new research suggests we’re selfishly unwilling to learn about the female body. The study, from Eve Appeal, a U.K. gynecological charity, polled 2,000 people, 1,000 of which were male, and found half of men don’t feel “comfortable” discussing their partner’s vagina with them. When further pressed, 21 percent said they were “too embarrassed” to talk about it. Seriously?

Turns out just one in five men were brave enough to discuss such matters. And worse (if that’s possible), one in two men can’t properly identify a vagina. That’s right, when asked to label an elementary diagram of a woman’s genitals, half of guys couldn’t figure it out. Guess that explains why so many have trouble finding the G-Spot.

Researchers also found almost 20 percent of men know nothing about their partner’s genital health and feel that there’s no need to know as it’s a “female issue”. Aside from bettering sexual prowess, further education on the vagina could potentially save your partner’s life. The Eve Appeal believes men play a vital role in combating gynaecological cancers, the fourth most common among women in the U.K., by spotting changes in their partners’ vaginas, which aids in early detection.

“For too many men, women’s bodies are still a taboo subject, shrouded in mystery,” Athena Lamnisos, the charity’s chief executive, told The Telegraph. “We know from the many calls that we receive at The Eve Appeal from men that they can play a vital role in identifying the symptoms, prompting their partners to visit the GP. Early diagnosis really is key and can save lives.”

This is far from the first research to call attention to men’s strange relationship with the vagina. New research in the Journal of Sexual Research uncovered an inequality between young adults and their stance on performing oral sex. After 71 individual interviews with teens ages 16 to 18, researchers deduced men often use “highly negative” language to describe female genitals. They were also more likely to refuse performing oral sex, despite the act being a prominent cause for women women seeking extramarital affairs. In fact, three quarters of women believe oral sex is required for a successful relationship. Because of these negative attitudes, women are more ambivalent to receive oral sex and less likely to say no to a partner when they ask. Instead, they try to make oral sex palatable as participants deem oral sex on a man “easier.”

So what is the problem here, exactly? Is it men’s ignorance to learn more about the female body, or a lack of proper educational resources? Ruth Lewis, co-author of the study, believes it to be the latter. She asserts there’s a dire need for better sexual education in order to debunk many misconceptions about female sexuality. “It’s clear that we also need to be encouraging young people to think critically about how women’s and men’s bodies are talked about in society, the nuances of consent and coercion, and how gender equity might be negotiated in practice.”

Evidence does support Lewis’s assertion. A report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) posits only 20 percent of middle schools and less than half of high schools cover all 16 of the nationally recommended topics for sexual health education. What’s worse, only 40 percent of schools require sex and health education to graduate. In fact, research from the Baylor College of Medicine confirm that many men don’t even possess basic knowledge about sex, which could explain why research published in the Toronto Star found more than three-quarters of young men and women struggle with paltry sex lives.

While proper sexual resources may be scarce, they’re out there. Our very own Playboy Advisor is a good example. Pornhub has stepped up to the plate as well and launched the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center, taught by the very credible Dr. Laurie Betito.

There it all is, fellas, right in front of you. No more excuses. It’s high time we learn more about the female body to procure better orgasms for our partners. They deserve it. Besides, since so many men pride themselves on their sexual prowess, it might help us in the long run too.