We all cope with breakups in different ways. Some seek out therapy. Others hit the gym. Most of us stalk our exes on social media, let’s be honest. All of us do some combination of all of the above, waiting for that old adage “It gets better over time” to eventually ring true.

However you go about it, it’s not easy. That’s why Ellen Huerta created Mend, an app that aims to help you get through your breakup via a mishmosh of journalism, content, training and progress-tracking.

On its surface, it’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” apps, but beyond that, one has to question an app’s efficacy as a personal get-over-her coach. So I checked it out.

Signup is simple: enter your name, tell it when you broke up and then tell it why you broke up. Then, you admit when you last contacted your ex. Once you’re done setting up the app, you’re greeted with a message from “Elle,” the voice of the app. It’s voiced by app-founder Ellen, who assures you that all the stupid things you’re doing, like Facebook stalking, drunk texting and wanting them back is all totally normal.

You’re then asked to check in on a regular basis, logging when you do good things for yourself, like exercise, therapy, or even just getting outside. You’re also asked to log how you feel and complete various journal entries to allow you to self-reflect.

It seems like a potentially good way to cope, but one has to wonder if remembering to get over your ex on a daily basis by checking in to an app is a positive strategy over time. It may be better to just, you know, get on with your life rather than downloading an app that’s pretty much entirely devoted to your ex.

Either way, give it a spin. I won’t judge you.