The fashionable dog that yes, makes a reported $15,000 a month just gave The New York Times the ultimate summer style lesson. Menswear dog, aka Bodhi, suited up and showed dudes how to really make a statement at summer destination weddings. From Nantucket to New York, this dog looks better in a suit than most guys I know.

“If you find yourself at a wedding in the preppy Atlantic Northeast, let the other guys rock the pink and green.” So says @mensweardog, a devilishly handsome shiba inu who wears a size extra small. His mission? Show men how to dress for summer destination weddings. For his @nytimesfashion spread, @mensweardog, also known as Bodhi, modeled this double-breasted navy blazer by @ralphlauren, as well as outfits by @marcjacobs, @calvinklein, @michaelkors and others. His owners and photographers spent two days working on the shoot. “It takes hours for us to style and prepare the outfits but once they’re on Bodhi, we shoot rapidly and within five minutes, he nails his pose and we give him time to rest and relax,” they said. “When he’s in the mood to shoot again, we move on to the next look.”

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The shiba inu became an internet sensation about two years ago, when his owners dressed up the handsome dog in a shirt, tie and cardigan. From there menswear dog was born and became viral, and his Instagram is a testament to how stylish he really is.

Do you even lift bro? @toddsnyderny #champion

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Are the reports ready? Have them on my desk by 4. #dogboss #work

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I know, I know. How does he do it? If you’re curious about what it’s like to be one of the most famous dogs on the Internet, we got the info you need.

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