Parking lots are filled with watered-down, almost-there sports sedans geared toward guys who want speed but also have real responsibilities in life. Mercedes-Benz set out to rescue us from this disappointment, and as we rocketed around Portugal’s Autódromo Internacional do Algarve in the C63 S, a chic, polished and lightning-fast four-door, it hit us that M-B came damn close.

The muscle behind the C63 is a 503-horsepower bi-turbo V8 capable of producing a thrilling ride while still getting flogged on the daily. Like its predecessor, the latest C63 remains rear-wheel-drive but paired with a torque band that punches below 2,000 rpm (1,750 rpm, to be exact); it has a sensible outward appearance but can turn fierce on a dime. Skip the burnouts for a good stretch of tarmac, and you’ll find a drive dynamic expected from something much less practical. The car shares its heart with another current AMG model: the GT S. While the C63’s steering and suspension setups are less aggressive than its two-seater cousin, they’re far from tame. Want proof? Benz’ usual drive settings of Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport+ now include a Race mode.

Inside, the cabin is done up in rich napa leather, contrasting stitch work and a vibe that is anything but boring. Despite an infotainment screen that feels tacked on, it’s the first all-purpose sedan we’ve coveted in a long while.

Engine: 4-liter bi-turbo | Horsepower: 503
Torque: 516 lb.-ft. | Zero to 60: 3.9 seconds
Top speed: 180 mph | Price: $71,900 base

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